Single This Valentines?

Single This Valentines?

We are all so quick to want to spoil our other halfs on the day of love but what about us single folk? What should we do if we are faced with valentines alone? I for one have never been a big valentines day fan, minus the first one with your new boo.

I’ve come up with a few ideas as to what you should do to treat yourself as well on the day of love because after all we should LOVE OURSELVES to.

• Take a nice long bath, add plenty of bubbles, get that face mask on and drink that wine.

• Put your all time favorite album on and dance your heart out. I’m big on music being a maker of happiness so I will always stand by this.

• Take yourself on a date and enjoy it! Sod those happy loved up couples. Go to the cinema, go for dinner and just enjoy yourself.

• Have a friend date! My best friend Alastair & I did valentines last year by gifting a silly card and present to each other and we shall do the same this year.

• If you’re a parent like me, have a movie day. Silly family movies are the best! And spending time with your little one is always good.

• Cook your favorite meal. Screw having to share it as well!

• Cozy up with a book new or old. This I love doing when I have evenings to myself.

I didn’t expect to me on my own this year but life has a funny way of showing how strong you can be and yes I understand it can suck especially when you see all those couples but the relationship you have with yourself is far more important.



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