My 2018 New Years Resolutions

My 2018 New Years Resolutions

We are already four days into January and the most I have done is gone shopping and put most of Alice’s clothes away in her bedroom. Oh and I picked up a cat, Oliver who is still hiding under a kitchen cabinet. That’s been very frustrating and worrying to say the least, I am hoping on day 4 of his life with us tomorrow he will man up and come out.

Despite that, I have finally narrowed down my New Years Resolutions. I didn’t make many for 2017 apart from, say Yes more, take more photographs and learn to accept & love yourself.

And I feel I did pretty good on those, aside from a lot of damaging moments. For this year I’ve decided on 10 goals and rules to live by. I will be doing a follow up video on the progress in June so keep an eye out for that. Anyways, here we go…

× To go on a few holidays / mini breaks away.

× Spend more time on myself.

Being a mum its very differcult to have an hour to yourself and even worse if that hour is late at night ie 11pm. Alice will start spending one weekend a month at her dads this year so that will surely open the door to more adventures and a little more freedom.

× Get rid of negativity and stay away from drama.

2017 taught me a big lesson about this. I read somewhere drama only exists if you invite it in and I shamefully would invite it in and was worse if it was about my family. I am glad since November 2017 that I have been following this rule.

× Read 30 books throughout the year.

× Go on more dates and adventures.

Looking at you Luke 😉

× Work on my YouTube channel and get 500 subscribers by the end of 2018.

× Blog organise more.

By this I mean pre-write posts, take more photographs for themed posts. Attend blogging networking days. Learn more about SEO and to be apart of the community. Oh and eventually achieve 1k readers a month and a DA of 30+

× Go to bed earlier and nap less.

× Save money more. Even if its £5 a week.

× Be happy. Take more care of myself. Be the best mum for Alice. Pick up my camera professionally again.

These are of course goals to accomplish throughout the year and it’s mainly about moving forward and to keep pushing. I just want to continue to grow and be happy.



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  1. January 5, 2018 / 8:13 am

    These are some great goals for 2018, I aim to go on more mini breaks this year too! x

    Han |

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