Its December 1st!!

Its December 1st!!

Its December 1st. When did that happen?! Where was I? Have I seriously lost an entire year without really noticing? Wow.

Guess where I am writing this by the way? Sat on my sofa drinking a cup of tea with Alice snuggled into me… In our own home!! We offically moved in last Sunday, I had of course been back and forth for the last two months its really been worth it. Don’t worry I will do a blog post of a house tour for you 😉

Today we are going to go and buy our first Christmas tree so while Alice is with her dad this evening I am going to be decorating, I can’t wait to see her reaction. I am very excited to get the wifi set up in my house next week and get to filming vlogmas and all sorts!

Until then… Please take this little post to say I am still here just super busy! 🙂

Oh one more thing… Look how cute Alice is in that photograph from last year! Couldn’t you just eat her up 😀



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