The Beauty Of Friendship

The Beauty Of Friendship

Yesterday, two of my best friends got married. Childhood sweet hearts, perfect for each other and obviously destined to be together. She in a beautiful off white dress that was made for her and her husband looking very dashing and handsome as ever. I am now the last one in our friendship group not married (cue the tears) but as I sat and watched her dance with her new husband it made me realise something, to cherish every single moment in our lives.

I am so use to having my camera or phone in my hand I forget to just be in those moments. I wanted to do a blog post about my friendships. I have friends I’ve known for five minutes, for years and for all my life. I have friends I speak to every single day and friends I can go weeks or months without a single word and when we do see each other we pick up where we left off. These guys have been my rocks, my inspiration and my heroes this past year (of course there are loads more) but I wanted to highlight just a few of them. So here we go…


You’re my rock. Always here when I need you and I am always there for you to. You’re a wonderful God Mother to my Alice and meeting you all those years ago, I wish I had known there and then we were going to become MelRose and epic friendship team! I don’t need to say much as you already know how important you are to me.


Now what do I say about this fella? Many of you who follow my Snapchat and my Instagram and you all know that we have one of the weirdest craziest friendships going. We are like a house on fire and we take care of each other. If I could have chosen a brother I would have picked him.


Now this ladies and gentlemen. This is the bride from yesterday. The little sister of the group. I’ve come to realise these past few months we have the same temper so that has been extremely fun to discover! But honestly I wouldn’t have her any other way. I know we don’t talk or share as much as we use to but I am sure that will change. Love you Ginge!


I know he should have been first but I wanted to leave him here. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Luke has been one of my best friends for so many years so turning him into a boyfriend has taken some getting use to. I mean I was so use to calling him by his nickname to now calling him Luke is so different but it’s personal you know, like it’s just for me. Its only been a short few months but I wouldn’t change a bloody thing! Thank you for being here for me, supporting me, putting up with my panicking and stressing and being my knight in shining tinfoil xxxx


I know there are a few more I could mention but we would be here all day. My family. Jason. Ellie. Charlotte. Louise, are just a few of you who have been here for me and Alice this past year.

Remember to cherish moments with your near and dearest. Put the phone down and enjoy what’s happening right in front of you. Love every single moment of your “squad”.


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