Finding Your Happy Place

Finding Your Happy Place

I talk alot. I have an ambitious nature and I am passionate. But I am like everyone else, I crave adventures, travelling and to make new and exciting memories. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to see the world, I love culture and history so it has always been a dream of mine.

Once that stick turned positive I started to believe that dream was never going to happen or at least be put on hold until Alice was an adult and old enough to take care of herself. So you can imagine for yourselves how that travel bug inside me went dorment.

As part of my PND I have had to fight neck and neck with my own faults of failure, being lost and feeling as if my freedom as a person has gone. I am just a parent and that’s that.

This morning I have been watching Alice play by herself with her little baby doll and entertain herself. Yes the house is a mess and I know there’s washing ready to be put out but as I am sat here I am stuck asking myself… When did my life become such a routine?

My happy place use to be jumping in the car with a boot filled with a car blankets, snacks, my camera and good music. Now I’m not sure what my happy place is, other than I know that travel bug deep down is waking up and demanding I feed it.

I thought 2017 was going to be a year filled with days out, weekends away, making memories with Alice and showing her my world and yet, its been filled with everything else and only 20% of adventures.

So as a promise to myself, to Alice and to you guys (my lovely readers). For the remaining of 2017, I am going to save as much money as I possibly can, get my ass back to work (even if its evenings) and start getting ahead of myself for 2018.

Let’s find that happy place guys! Let’s make memories! I am excited for Halloween and Christmas this year but moving forward and planning a head is what I do best.


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