Be Kind To Mum

Be Kind To Mum

If you had said to me last year that I would look at the world differently after becoming a mother I would have of course in my usual stubborn way would have told you to pipe down and don’t be so silly. However, after moving back in with my parents and myself and Alice relying on them I now understand that being a mother is a whole different ball game entirely.

So I wanted to write a little letter to my own mum, who I now understand why she would tell me off for staying up late, for arguing back, being a chopsy little teenager, for crying when I was being a handful, for missing out on hours of sleep and staying up with me during the nights I was sick.


You’re my hero. You always have been and always will be. I don’t think I’ve ever really thanked you properly for every single thing you have done for me. Even now you are still at my side helping me every step of the way.

Asking you for advice, the help and support you gave me and still give when I was carrying Alice and now. Thank you for holding my hand, rubbing my back and running me back and forth up the hospital during that long ass week of slow labour. You have no idea how much you mean to be being at my aide every single day.

When I moved out last year, I would get upset late at night when Alice was in bed because I wasn’t downstairs on the sofa with you watching an episode of Law & Order we’d already watched, drinking tea and laughing at the fact we sent dad to bed.

I am so grateful that Alice knows you. The way she smiles and rushes to you in the mornings or when you’ve come home from work. I really don’t think you know how much we appricate everything you are and will continue to be.

I will always love you.


Now, just a piece of advice for all you readers. Go and hug your parents, your grandparents, your siblings and for god sake try and get past any drama that confronts you. I know it can be tough, trust me but family is family. We are stronger together than apart.



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