Open Letter To Single Guy

Open Letter To Single Guy

Dear Single Guy,

Let me first introduce myself. I’m a single mum who was engaged and was madly in love, main keyword there “Was”. Now let me get this letter started and I hope you’ve got a drink with you and maybe a pen and paper.

Firstly, well done you for chatting to a girl! Happy bloody days you managed to be brave enough to send that risky text message or Facebook message. Proud of you.

Now, I know we all think Hey I could get lucky here with this one! But let me tell you now… Asking for nudes, talking sexually about your willy and being straight up forward within thirty minutes of the conversation isn’t really going to get you anywhere. Well unless that lady is up for that but I know from experience. No we are not interested in how many woman you’ve slept with, how big your willy is and what your favorite position is.

I do enjoy a bit of banter the same as any person but seriously do you think your mother’s would be proud of you to know you’re speaking to women in this way? How would you feel if a bloke spoke to your daughter the way you talk sometimes?

Whatever happened to just general chit chat and getting to know someone. It is not all about the sex. Yes sexual tension can be pretty amazing and when you trust each other enough to do the deed then great! But do you even take a second to think about what reaction you might be giving to that girl?

What happens if she was in an abusive relationship and its taken her months maybe even years to get back out there. What if she saw your profile and thought you seemed like a nice guy and your replies are obscene and disrespectful.

Now I am not saying woman are wonderful as I know we can be just as bad but I have been single since October last year and by God! Sifting through shit just to find a decent guy who does just want a cup of coffee and a chat is difficult.

I understand sometimes banter can be fun and it can also be a defense mechanism but please, think before you press send. If you didn’t think with your other brain so much you might end up meeting someone who either becomes the love of your life or a friend for life.

Let’s just be mindful of others and stop worrying so much about if your mates take the piss out of you for either being romantic or actually respectful.

Good luck!



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  1. rob
    July 19, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    very true thank you for writing this

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