How to Not Hate The Way You Look

How to Not Hate The Way You Look

After you have a baby, you start to look at yourself in a new light. Yes your body created and protected that little baby but it took a massive toll on your body. I remember that moment I met Alice and I cried tears of joy.

Coming home I knew my body wasn’t going to be able to do much for a while. And the same day was the voting of brexit, I was not going to miss voting and that short journey almost killed me!

It was that moment I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror that night. I was covered in marks from needles, bruises over my stomach and had stitches in places I didn’t even know I had. William assured me that it was because I gave the world Alice and for a short while I kept that in mind.

The top picture, I was about three weeks post partam in that image and I look at it now and just think oh my lord I was a shame of that?! Part of me looks at that image and thinks I did a beautiful thing giving birth but there’s another part of me that cries. You read about celebrities going on those weight loss post baby diets and work outs and you think why didn’t I do any of that? You just had a baby… Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Eventually after that break up, I began to change myself in the way I use to look, if not more. I cut out the stupid fast food, the chocolate cake snacks instead of real food and living back at home meant I was back to eating three times a day and having light snacks in between. When Alice was having food, so was I.

Its taken me eight months to look at myself and think I am almost to the way I want to finally look. Yes there is some nips and tucks I’d love to sort but that involves some intense cardio and most likely weight lifting with Alice.

That above picture I took earlier. I’m covered in marks from my clothes, I have massive bruises on my knees from when I fell Monday, I have bags under my eyes, my arms ache, I’ve lost my butt and I’m pretty sure my boobs are starting to sag.

Does any of that bother me? No. Should it bother me? Hell no!! Before you can allow someone to love you, you need to love yourself. I am making this post as a statement to all my mum friends, my readers and everybody else. Stop making other human beings think that you need to change the way you look to be accepted. You’re beautiful. And a smile and kickass personality is way more attractive than a silm tummy, perky breasts or a bum that’s lifted.



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