Oh No I’m A Mummy!

Oh No I’m A Mummy!

When that stick turned positive I remember thinking what was I going to do now? Had my life stopped or was it just starting to really begin?

I read a blog post by One Hull of A Dad about what he misses about not being a parent and I was inspired to write my own list.

I miss,

° Sleeping.

Sleeping late, sleeping in, not having to get up out of bed straight away. Yep I miss sleep to much.

° Freedom.

Being able to just go out. Having some form of freedom and not have to arrange in advance childcare and making sure Alice has everything if I go out for a few hours.

° Social Gatherings.

They tell you, you lose friends when you have a baby but they never said you would pretty much be on your own 24/7. I am a very social person so it shocked me to my core when my group of friends decided to turn into a small group I see once a month.

° Sexual Encounters.

This is a bit PC but I know so many of you will agree with me on this one. Be it having sex with your partner anywhere and everywhere whenever you want or just being able to have company for that one night. Having a child, you are respoinble for that little person so encounters and anything sexual tends to go out the window until they sleep through.

° Weekends away.

This kind of goes with the freedom thing but I use to love booking a little camp site or a bnb, packing a bag and just going. I cannot wait until Alice is old enough for this to happen.

I adore being a mother and will never regret it. But I do miss sleep.

What do you miss most about not being a parent? Post in the comments and share your experiences!



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