And That’s a Wrap!

And That’s a Wrap!

Well, how do you start talking about 2016 and all its “exciting” experience’s. I’ve been sat waiting and wondering what I could write for this post. Will it offend some? Will it help others? Or will it just be a way of expressing myself. Life really gave me a beating this year. I read something the other day about the different types of love you get throughout your life and it got me wondering about how many types of love I have been blessed and also cursed to have.

The Childish Love

There no denying we all have been in one of those max six-month/1 year relationships that was just for fun. It was like you’re doing the naughty with your best friend who’s not really your best friend. The one you can eat messy food in front of, walk around naked, have food fights in the kitchen, chase each other around and play games. I’ve had one of these relationships and honestly? It’s one I tend to look back on, not forget and compare my current or next relationship with. It was mainly based around food, watching films till late at night, exploring each other, going on adventures and talking about anything and everything. This type of love should always be mixed into a serious relationship I think.

The Serious Grown-Up Love

You’ve had your fun childish love relationship and that didn’t really end well or just didn’t work out as planned. So your next relationship as an “adult” is the grown up one. Going on dates, maybe some childish behaviour but leans more towards the need to be mature and act your age. You’ve talked about your future, what you want in life and sadly you start to become a different person to who you were at the beginning. You settle into a routine. These relationships can work forever, or you spend 2 years+ with this person. You might discuss living together and you may even do it, you might get engaged or start thinking or having children. These tend to be the relationships everyone wants and they can be wonderful if you work hard at them.

The Bad One Love

This is almost your guilty pleasure, it’s like that extra slice of cake you shouldn’t have, and you shouldn’t bite into it but you just can’t help yourself. These days this type of love is a mix between the childish one and also a “certain” type of friend. The downside to this type of love is you sometimes start to grow feelings toward the other person and it doesn’t end well. You might fall hard and fast, think you can change their minds and be serious together and when that doesn’t go well, you leave broken hearted.

Can’t Escape Love

All I am going to say about this one is, you’re so hung up on that person and you know their toxic and bad for you, but you haven’t got the strength to leave just yet. You will. 

I’ve learnt a lot these past few months, more about myself, what I want and what type of mother I am. Having Alice in my life is the most amazing and right feeling I have. I know whatever choices I make from now on, I will look on them and see how they will reflex on my daughter as I don’t want her to recover from anything in her childhood. I hope to be inspiring, a role model and to show her that sometimes it’s perfectly ok to put yourself first, not worry about what people think of you. Just take care of yourself, surround yourself with amazing supportive family and friends and walk towards a better life.

2017 is going to be a year of working hard, progressing my long list of goals, ticking off experiences, adventures and showing her as much of the world as I can. She may only be six months now but she’s already at an amazing stage of learning. I get to see everything and waking up to that smile every morning is the highlight of my day.

I hope 2017 brings you all the happiness and joy you are aiming for!


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