The Five Month Update

The Five Month Update

Five months?! Can we just take a second to think about that please, my Alice is five months! Almost six months on the 22nd. Can you believe it? This year has already gone super quick and the last two months have been the hardest for me. Moving back into my parents home I thought myself and Alice wouldn’t be able to adjust back to that family life but she’s growing up so quickly and she’s so clever.

While we were on holiday she finally gave me her first real laugh. She can roll over with ease now, has almost mastered sitting up by herself and her balance is amazing.

We started weaning this month also and so far I’ve found her favourite tastes are banana’s, apples and yoghurt. She loves bread and butter and don’t even think about eating chocolate or ice-cream in front of her as she’ll steal it right out of your hands!

I’m in awe watching her as she explores the world, whenever we go for walks she has to be sat up so she can see everything. She loves leaves, feeling the grass and the other day she discovered our family Greyhound Jack, who surprisingly is pretty cool with her patting his head (gently) and of course he’s enjoying her dropping all her food for him. He always has her in his eye line now which is lovely.

It still fascinates me that I am in fact a mother. A single one and I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do this on my own at all. While I was pregnant I remember crying to my mother about not ever wanting to be a single parent… And well, we all know what happened with that situation and I’m ok with it. Really ok with it. I get Alice all to myself (most of the time) and its the little things I really enjoy, putting her to bed after she’s fallen asleep in my arms and then getting that beaming smile when she’s awake and see’s me. I couldn’t ask for a different life.

I’ll be posting up soon about my 2017 plans and goals, the list is getting so long! I hope I can do most of them in the year. And I’ve got a load of posts ready to go up this month, lots of Christmas themed ones! I’m so excited!



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