Your Parenting vs Mine

Your Parenting vs Mine

When you become a parent your life changes dramatically. Not only are you now responsible for keeping someone else alive, you’re also responsible for their upbringing and how they see the world.

When Alice wasn’t even a few hours old I had midwives telling me the way I was holding her was wrong, when I have held babies since the age of eleven. I was told I had to breast feed, when I was choosing to combi feed so William could bond with Alice and then I was being told not to cuddle her so much, when she was still fresh and I couldn’t wait to cuddle her after those long nine months of waiting.

After we arrived home and even today I still get ‘advice’ thrown at me on how I should care for Alice. And it does make you question if you’re a good parent or not.

Alice rarely goes down for me without a problem or kicking up a fuss. William, no problem she’s down on her mat fast asleep. With William he doesn’t rush to her aid when she cries, me I am right there ready and waiting. We both have two different methods and both of them work for us.

Sometimes Alice will be quite happy to just kick about and play on her baby gym, so I can get some housework done and other times she wants to be in my arms throughout the entire day and of course, that can cause me problems.

It’s awful when you are made to question how you are bringing up your child and it’s worse when there you’re first. We each learn at our own pace and each have our own rules.

For example, I had a conversation on Facebook about children/babies watching television from a young age or using the television as a form of distraction for your children as it means you can get things done. I agree in some aspects that sometimes putting that children’s program on can be a God send as you can finally put a load of washing on or wash those dishes that have been sat in the sink since last night.

What isn’t good when someone questions how you would bring your child up by monitoring what programs they watch, how they act when they grow or how they speak.

I am going to be hands-on parent with Alice. If she comes home from school one day and has learnt a swear word or starts being disrespectful then she will be taught that’s the wrong behaviour. Yes some days she’s going to fight me and tell me I’m wron and that’s ok. We all did that growing up and we all pushed our limits.

I am hopeful Alice won’t want to sit in front of the television or play on a console. I hope she’ll want to read, colour and just enjoy a childhood that’s not surrounded by technolgy as after all how were you brought up?

I know things have a way of changing and the way the world is, IPads/tablets/phones are the now and you see most children with one or the other. I understand some people will question that method but it’s what myself and William like to do and you as a parent shouldn’t be worried or scared to bring your children up how you choose.



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