Dear My Little Girl

Dear My Little Girl

My little Alice,

You came into this world at the perfect moment, just when I needed you and I will always need you. Its the most amazing feeling in the world to know you are part of my heart and the same blood that runs through my veins runs through yours. While I type this you are fast asleep next to me, snoring away wrapped up in my Superior Rides hoodie. I wanted to write this post so you could come back to this blog in years to come and read all about your first years of your life and before, but first I wanted to give you some advice.

Firstly, no matter what happens, no matter how much we argue, fall out at being friends or have ten minutes of yelling. I will always love you and I do remember what it’s like to feel as if your parents aren’t listening to you.

If I say no, yes your grandparents will most likely say yes.

Sadly, friends will come and go but the ones who you place in your heart and you in theirs will always stay.

Don’t worry about boys or going out on dates while you’re in high school. Look after your education, boys may be exciting at the time but education follows you through life and affects your future.

Stop thinking about your weight or if you want that extra piece of cake! Don’t let any mean girls or boys tell you otherwise. You have a beautiful soul and nothing will change that.

Your dad might be a pain in the ass some of the time (most of the time) but he would do anything and everything for you, no matter what!

It’s ok to want to do a million different things at once or have no idea what job you want when you ‘grow up’. It’s taken me years to decide and even as I’m writing this I am looking to do more.

Don’t accept drinks from strangers! No matter how good looking they are, if they do offer to buy you a drink, take the cash and go get it yourself or go to the bar with them.

No matter how drunk you are, what time it is or how much you think you’re going to get into trouble, call me!! I will come and rescue you any time day or night.

I know you might think me and your dad nag you and aren’t cool but remember we were cool at one point! And we do really want what’s best for you.

There’s just a few little things I can advise you as I know I will be advising you throughout your entire life and I cannot wait till you decide you want to bring your first boyfriend home or when you have your first major teenager tantrum (trust me I win at those) and everything else! Watching you grow is going to be the most exciting thing in the world.

Love you, always.
Mum x

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