What They Don’t Tell You…

What They Don’t Tell You…

It’s been almost six weeks since Alice was born and it still shocks me when she coos and how wonderfully cute the little noises are. However, there are things you don’t get told after you have a baby. They basically hand you over your baby and wish you luck and off you go!

  • They don’t tell you about the different type of tiredness you get, it’s a strange exhaustion which you are still awake but you’re not awake at the same time.
  • They don’t say about the number of nappies you go through or the fact that its not just two outfit changes sometimes, it can be several.
  • Night feeds and wandering downstairs as if you’re half drunk to make a bottle is difficult but somehow you manage to do it.
  • Little girls also have fountains when you take their nappy off, its not just boys!
  • This is a bit TMI but you don’t get any information about how difficult or scary it is when you go for a number two or if you even can.
  • If you’re use to being a clean shaven girl, don’t forget you’re not really allowed to bath or have a shower with nice smelling soap because you may have stitches and fresh wounds. Oh! And don’t even think about getting that razor out!
  • You become one of those new mums who posts all over Facebook and Instagram pictures of your new baby, even when you promised yourself before you had children you wouldn’t be one of those people.
  • And you post all those statuses about the simplest things! Just last week I posted about Alice not being able to fit in her baby grow she come home in, thus making me upset!
  • Everyone has an opinion on how to look after your baby, seriously unless you are stuck or asking for help, you do know whats best for your child.

I never thought in a million years I would be this type of person, who is easily excited by the fact that one day Alice lifts her head up fully to the first smile she gives me in the morning at 5am. Motherhood is truly an amazing gift.

Image by Carly Turner Photography



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