20 Weeks still standing.

20 Weeks still standing.

20 weeks and counting, only 4 months to go, it feels like only yesterday I was looking at that positive line. I had no idea this was going to be my 2016, becoming a mum. I am forever grateful for what life has now started to throw at me. Myself and Will this month have been talking about names, we are half way there and have decided on a boys name, girl not so much.

20 Weeks

° Changes in cravings is I am loving ice lollies, anything sweet and crisp sandwiches.
° Weight change is just getting a little more rounder.
° I am no longer able to fit in size 8 jeans but that doesn’t bother me at all, bring on the big butt and thighs!
° Active night baby, on the dot at around 1.45am he/she wakes up.

We get to find out tomorrow what gender we are having and as a bit of fun Will and I have placed a little bet. I am saying girl and lovely Will is saying boy. We are very excited! So until I can post on here again, chat soon! Don’t forget to comment and send me your questions 🙂

Melly x

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