Week 14

Week 14

The last 14 weeks have been very interesting, I have gone from being overtired to napping all the time. Thankfully as I have got to stage two of this wonderful pregnancy of mine I am finally settling back into a sleep pattern that feels normal.

Sadly I haven’t got a bump picture here for you as there’s not much of a bump just yet, still looks like I have eaten lots of food! So I decided to answer a few questions for you guys to how the progress is going.

How far along are you?: 14 Weeks at 5 days.
How I’m feeling: Little tired.
Total weight gain: No idea just yet!
How big is baby?: Says the size of a lemon.
Maternity clothes: Just living in leggings and joggers.
Stretch marks?: Little one on my right breast.
Sleep: Trying to sleep at least six hours a night.
Best moment this week: No moment yet, just slight cramping pains.
Food cravings: Twister and fruit pastel lollies.
What I’m looking forward to: Seeing our baby again in a few weeks time to see if its a he or a she.


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